Father’s Day FHE

There are so many things you can do on Father’s Day for Family Home Evening to honor your dad!  You can give a lesson on the priesthood, talk about the things your dad does for your family or just play and have fun with dad because sometimes you don’t get many opportunities for that!

Here is a specific idea on dads found in the scriptures:


Gather some ties that belong to dad.  Next, find scriptures that talk about a father and his family.  For example, Lehi taking his family into the wilderness, Mosiah praying for his sons to change their ways, Jacob leaving his blessing on his sons when he dies, etc.  There are a lot of examples of righteous fathers in the scriptures.  Then put a scripture reference and/or story on each tie.  Have the kids take turns picking a tie and reading the scripture.  Talk about what that father did and how it pertains to your family.  For example Lehi followed what Heavenly Father wants us to do and our dad’s follow the prophet today and his counsel, Mosiah prayed for his sons to stop being wicked and our fathers pray for us every day to make good choices, etc.


Another idea is to put fun things on the back of the ties and have the kids take turns picking a tie with an activity on it that they can do with dad.  You can make these simple like toss the football around (I have boys, can you tell? 🙂 ) or they can be things like get an ice cream – just you and dad.  You can take all week with this idea and let the kids take turns spending time with dad.  My kids love their “daddy time” and they need that time to bond with him.  It is also good for dad to take some time to talk with each child.  This is a great opportunity for personal interviews! 🙂

I love Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  It is fun to recognize those that do the most for us in our daily lives!  You could also take time to spend with grandpa (make sure he is okay with that first) and put some activities with grandpa on the back of your ties.  My dad loves to take the kids one on one for fun outings and the kids love spending time with grandpa.

Happy Father’s Day to all those fabulous dads out there!

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