Vital Records – Medication and Photos

Part of staying prepared in an emergency is making sure you have a list of existing medication, precriptions and an emergency supply of other health needs you and the whole family may require.  This is vital part that alot of people skip over because taking medicine might be a part of their routine they do everyday.  However, when an emergency strikes your life might be in danger without those medications.  You may want to store extra medicine in a waterproof storage bag and place it in your 72 hour kit and your emergency car kit.  It is also important to have written down what medications are taken, the dosage, and the reason for the medication.  Placing these on a label on the waterproof bag could end up saving a life in an emergency.


Photos are another thing that can easily be overlooked in an emergency.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I have over 23 scrapbooks in our house right now.  These are filled to the brim with loving memories of our whole lives together and also before as well.  I would be heartbroken if they were somehow ruined and I have no way to replace them.  Here are a few ideas to help keep that from happening.  Keep duplicates of old and treasured photos of your ancestors and other precious family photos incase you don’t have time to grab your photo albums.  Another idea is to scan your pictures into your computer and burn them onto a DVD.  This can take a lot of time but is well worth it in the end.  A great idea that I decided to do was to take all my negatives to Costco and have them scan them and put them on a DVD.  I realized that all my photos that are digital, I have backed them up through an outside source for a low cost fee, but all those photos that are not digital I had not backed up at all.  I only had the negatives that I saved.  If there was ever a fire or a flood, those memories would be gone forever.  After doing many months of research with outside companys who scan these in for a price, I came across Costco’s cheap alternative.  They will scan each negative frame for about .05 per frame.  For me, that took a cost of $1,000 down to $100.  I have over 2400 frames of negatives.  A piece of mind that I could never replace will be done in a few days.  I can’t wait to get the DVD’s back and start on a slide show for my husband for father’s day using the photos I never had access to, digitally, before.


Remember, if you don’t prepare ahead of time for emergencies, there are somethings that can never be replaced, once lost!  Take the challenge this week:  Try to have your medications ready and in your kits and your photos backed up and stored in two seperate locations other than your home.

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