School's Out!

The last day of school is filled with lots of fun and tradition.  Last day of school pictures are taken, yearbooks are signed, and the summer begins!  There are a lot of fun traditions that you can do with your kids to get the summer started right.

Your family tradition could be something simple like coming home to new books on their last day of school to start their summer reading program (my kids love this) or heading out for ice cream to celebrate the end of a successful school year.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate for your kids to love it!  Traditions are all about creating memories that last.

Here are some other fun ideas:

Take a t-shirt to school.  Let your kids take a t-shirt to school on the last day to have their friends sign it.  It could take the place of their yearbook or be something extra for them to have.  If you have the name of their school printed and the year it could become a great keepsake.  You could even make them all into a quilt for them when they graduate.

Host a “Last Day of School Party”.  This could include a barbecue with neighbors, family and friends and could end with an outdoor movie including popcorn and movie treats.

Plan a get out of school trip.  This could be a trip to grandma’s house for an overnighter or a weekend getaway with your whole family.  You could brave the mountains and take them camping or go enjoy the beach (if you live near water!).  It could be a day trip or a trip that lasts a few days.  Either way your kids will look forward to it every year.

Take your kids somewhere fun.  Pick your kids up from school on the last day and take them to a favorite place like Lagoon, Dinosaur Park, Thanksgiving Point, the park down the street or the swimming pool.

Start a summer project.   You could let your kids build a tree house.  You provide the wood and materials as well as the supervision.  Another idea is to start a memory book for the summer.  Get them a camera and some scrapbooking supplies and let them make a book.  If you really get creative you could use this to your advantage.  Think of a project you need done and make it fun for them to help you!

Plan a late night party.  Let your kids have a late night with their friends at your house.  My kids like this because they aren’t allowed to have sleep overs.  Stock the house with treats, games and movies.  This is a great way to let your kids have a good time but it also allows you to keep an eye on them!

We would love to hear what some of your ideas are.  Be sure to post a comment if you do something fun with your kids on the last day of school.  It’s always fun to get different ideas from each other! 🙂

Remember that creating a tradition doesn’t have to be rocket science.  You are your own person.  You are different than your neighbor, your sister, or even your mom.  Be creative in your own way.  Plan things that you and your kids like to do.  Whatever you decide to do, your kids will look forward to it every year and love the attention they get and the time you spend with them. 

Enjoy your summer “vacation”! 🙂

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