Ideas from our Customers

We are making a second set of Good Job Jar Coupons geared toward the teenagers in your family.  We thought it would be fun to hear some feedback from you as to things you reward your teenagers with.  What are some fun ideas that you know are tried and true rewards for your teens?  Everyone who comments and gives us their feedback will be entered into a drawing to receive a free set of these coupons.

(Yes, we will even mail them to you!)

We would like to give out more than one set, so tell everyone you know to visit our blog and enter in for a chance to win a free prize just by commenting on this topic.  We can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!

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  1. – A day out with friends
    – iTunes gift card
    – A day of no chores
    – A day of not hearing “Turn off your iPod!”

  2. We use a system of rewards that includes having a party, using the computer during a normal “off time”, or staying up late. You just have to find out your child’s raison d’etre, its different for everyone!

  3. I love to reward my teen with a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough after school. She loves to eat the dough raw. I make it with powdered eggs (rotation) so we don’t worry about the raw egg issue.

    Another reward, a take out dinner for her after her work. Sometimes we eat without her and when she gets off at 7:00 a favorite takeout meal is great.

  4. My kids love to read so they would be happy if I just told them they could sit and read undisturbed for a certain length of time.

    Where we are located the kids don’t do sleepovers, but they do a lot of “late nights” on the weekends where they have friends over until 11 or 12 at night playing games or watching a movie, etc.

  5. Actually, I don’t know how to reward teenagers for help…but, I like everyone’s ideas!

  6. Lori, I totally loved your honest response. Way to go! You deserve to be in the drawing too. Thanks to everyone else so far on their great ideas! You ladies are awesome!

  7. I have a few ideas I have thought of and would like to share…
    * check your child out of school during lunch time and take them to get lunch or bring take-out lunch to them.
    * nail polish or lip gloss
    * second helping of dessert
    * No dish duty on their assigned night!
    * Buy them a few iTunes songs
    * Type up a paper for them
    * A new decoration for their bedroom
    * Flip flops!
    * Tolietry items – lotion, favorite “expensive” shampoo or body wash.
    * Hosting a late night for your child and their friends – pizza included!
    * Picking the car radio station for the entire day and/or riding “shot gun”.

    Hope these ideas are helpful!

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