Family Night At the Movies!

The first time my husband and I did Family Night at the Movies with our children, they thought they were in heaven!  My husband even got so into it, he became the theater owner, blacked out the basement windows and took tickets at the door.  It was hilarious and a memory I will never forget.  Each member of the family should have a possibility of earning 5 tickets.  The movie ticket, popcorn ticket, drink ticket, cookie ticket, and a surprise ticket.  We didn’t want to just hand them out and say here, it’s all yours.  We actually gave them opportunities to earn them throughout the day.  You could even have them earn them the week before if you would like.  Each time they did something positive, like doing their chore without being asked, making their bed in the morning, etc, they earned a ticket.  We placed our NOW SHOWING sign at the door to the basement so they could see what movie was happening that night.  The children thought it was such a blast and begged to do it again the next FHE night.  Sit down, enjoy yourself and make some memories with your family this night.  Good luck!

Family Night at the Movies FHE

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