Homemade Firestarters

This is an easy way to start fires and it’s practically free!

You will need:  Lint from your dryer, saw dust or wood shavings, empty paper egg cartons, and paraffin wax.  Fill each of the egg cups with dryer lint, saw dust, or wood shavings.  Melt your paraffin wax in a #10 can or an old pan that you don’t need anymore.  The wax needs to be melted at a low temperature.  Spread a layer of foil under the egg carton and your ready to pour the wax.   Use a measuring cup to SLOWLY fill each cup.  Let the wax harden and you’re done!  Egg carton cups can be cut apart and stored in ziploc bags, or in buckets and stored in a cool place.  Make sure you don’t remove the wax from the egg carton paper because the paper will be the first thing to catch fire and will help the rest of the fire starter to ignite.


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