How Do I Create A Food Storage Recipe?

It’s easy! We hope that you won’t feel overwhelmed or scared to take any recipe that your family loves and convert it into a “shelf-stable” recipe. By that, we mean that you can take any recipe you have and store ingredients that won’t spoil, can store without refrigeration, and will be long-term. If you really want to use your food storage and store food that you know you will eat, start converting your family favorites so that you can make them at anytime. Whether you have fresh ingredients or more long-term ingredients on your shelf, you’ll know you will be able to make a dinner that your family will love to eat.

Tricia has given you an example! She has created a table that converts her recipe into 3 areas: fresh ingredients, 3 month supply and long term. We’ve included a blank one for you! Use it to help you organize any recipe that you would like to convert to long-term! Most of all, we hope you’ll be excited to work on your food storage and see how easy it can be!

3 Month Shopping List & Menu Planner

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