Step 2c – Running Project List

When you are cleaning your home, room by room, it is easy to get distracted by odds and ends projects.  However, when you are trying to do your 5 minutes in each room, that’s not the time to switch out a light bulb, patch the wall, or even scrub that stain on the carpet.  Each of these should be put on a Running Project List.  Then you can schedule on your calendar exactly when you would like to tackle those tougher projects that will take more than your 5 minutes of pick up time.  Remember, keep your notebook and pen with you whenever you do your Quick Clean.  Watch our video to learn more about your Running Project List.

Posted on April 23, 2009, in Organizing Videos, Step Two. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. The steps I’ve seen are so helpful! I can’t wait to get through all of them.

    I’m curious about the chart in your video. Is that something I can download, or is it only available through a workshop?

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