How do you keep a refrigerator clean?

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to my refrigerator is how dirty the shelves get so quickly.  Sometimes the spills, that happened without my knowledge, would even start to grow its own crop before I saw it was there.  No more in my house!  One of my really good friends shared this trick with me.  I honestly laughed out loud the first time I opened her fridge.  And then 10 seconds later I realized what a GREAT IDEA it was.  Just get plain white towels in a pack from Home Depot.  After giving your fridge a really good scrubbing, place a towel on each shelf, in each door shelf, in the drawers and even in the bottom of the fridge under the last drawer.  I even put one in the bottom of my freezer.  You now have a catch all system for cleaning up spills, leaks, crumbs, and whatever else comes your way.  The first spill I had I was singing my friend’s praises!  It was easy for me to take the towel out and replace it with a fresh one.  Wow!  Who wouldn’t want to clean a fridge that way?  The great thing about the plain white is that you can bleach them.  I loved the idea so much I took photos in case our company ever created a blog, and we did!  Let me share them with you.  Enjoy!!!!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! I get so tired of having to move out a door’s worth of condiments to wipe out the shelf beneath them!

    I really love this site. I am amazed at how easy and do-able you make everything feel.

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