Cash for your Vital Records Binder

When people think about having all of our important documents and information all in one place, they sometimes forget about an important part of this step, having cash on hand.  In the event of an emergency would you have cold hard cash to use?  Or would you have only a debit card, credit card, atm card, or checks?  These may not always work, depending on the emergency or even natural disaster.  What would happen if there was no electricity in your area for days or weeks?  The only form of buying anything would be cash.

An idea that has been really helpful for me, actually came from our CEO, Tricia.  She created a Family Preparedness Bank to store her cash on hand for her family.  The reason why I really like this, is because I have no idea how much is in there.  (see photo below)  Everypaycheck I put $20 – $50 in there before I do anything else.  No excuses.  By forcing myself to do it this way, I am saving money, without it tempting me to spend it.  The only way to get the can open is with a can opener.  I am not about to ruin my good looking can for some petty item.  So my cash remains, safe and tight, ready to be used in case of a real emergency.  I have even given each of my children one to put there future savings into.  Out of site, out of their mind.  It has worked like a charm.

CHALLENGE:  Your challenge this week is to find a safe container to start storing your cash on hand in.  Make it something that won’t tempt you to spend the money.  Sit down with your family and decide how much you can put in each time.  Even starting with $5 is a start.  Remember no amount is too little.  In the end, it will make a difference, no matter how much you have in there.

BONUS:  We thought it would be fun to give away a few of our Emergency Preparedness Banks to some of the first people who share a comment about this post and how our Vital Records postings have helped you get your family better prepared.  After the first few banks we will put the names of all the other people who comment into a basket and draw names for the other banks.  Our Banks are also available for sale (pick up only or at our boutique on the 14th of April), watch for our email for further details.  If you would like to be on our email list, go to our website, listed on the left of our blog and sign up for our newsletter.  (Just a small note.  All comments will go through us to be approved.  Then it will show up on our blog.  We do this to cut down on spammers.)

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  1. I am new to your site, but already I have spread the word to all my friends.


    I love the idea of stuffing cash into an empty can, with no way of getting it out. Right now we are saving change into an old Dallas Cowboys bank (think three-foot-tall, plastic soda bottle)(hideous!), but my husband sneaks into the “stash” when he needs it. It sort of defeats the purpose, right?

    I really hope to attend one of your future workshops. I’m saving up. 🙂

  2. You site is awesome. I just wanted to tell you guys how much I love your site and how helpful this is to help me start being prepared in small steps. You ladies are very creative!

  3. I love this idea! We have started setting aside a litte bit of money each month, but it’s in the bank still. My family has really taken up the challenge to be prepared for any situtation and you always have the right tips to help push us further! THANX!!! Ü

  4. Like the other posts before me, I really love this idea. I hadn’t even considered having cash on hand for an emergency, and I’ve been caught at the store without any too.
    Thanks for the tip, and all the other helpful resources!

  5. This is a great idea. I have tried to keep cash on hand but I always have the temptation to spend it and the natural (wo)man in me wins and it gets spent.

  6. What a good idea. Put it where you (more likely others) can’t get into it! I want to make one. I love the blog!

  7. Alisa Didenhover

    This is a wonderful idea. I have about $20 in my 72 hour kit. But, I didn’t think I would need more until reading this. Having the can sealed would help me not to spend it right away.

  8. Loved this and I have heard this idea before, but never done it. I need to get right on this! Thanks ladies!

  9. Thank you for the simple idea of a closed can. This would make it easier to save $5 a paycheck. This way we would have cash in an emergency. I love the idea that is closed & unknown until needed.

  10. Congratulations to Kristie and Alisa who are the winners in our drawing for a bank!

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