A Christ Centered Easter

It seems like holidays get more and more commercialized every year.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.  In fact, I sometimes think I have more fun with them than the kids do! 🙂  I love Easter with the deviled eggs (so yummy!), Easter egg hunts (I prefer the chocolate filled eggs), and picnics.   However, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget the real reason we are celebrating.  I am a big believer that you can have fun with your family and teach them something at the same time!  There are so many fun things that you can do with your family to help them remember why we celebrate Easter and to focus on the resurrection of our Savior.

At our house we have asked the Easter Bunny to come on Saturday morning so that on Sunday we can focus on the Savior.  It has worked well for us because the kids usually want to play outside with their new things or go on Easter egg hunts on Saturday anyway. 🙂  Easter Sunday is reserved for more spiritual activities and our family get together.  In the morning we usually go on an Easter egg hunt for eggs filled with reminders of the Savior’s sacrifice and resurrection.  Later in the day my kids have enjoyed taking a nature walk together.  We are surrounded by beautiful things that can remind us of Christ every day.  As we walk around our yard or around the neighborhood we look for things that remind us of the Savior and his sacrifice.  For example, we find a branch and talk about Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, we look for thorns and talk about the crown of thorns that he wore, a simple piece of wood can remind us of the cross he bore, and so on.  It has been eye opening for the kids and I hope that it helps them remember year round what the Savior did for each one of us.

We have created an Easter Nature Walk for you to try with your kids.  I hope that you love it as much as our family has.  This is such a great time of year to bear testimony and teach your children about the Savior.  There are so many teaching moments that come when we participate in simple family activities together!    Happy Easter!

Easter Nature Walk

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