General Conference Activity Packets!

I have to admit that I have an addiction, a General Conference addiction!  I have used activity packets for my children in the past and we have just loved them.  So, with another conference rapidly approaching, I went to my favorite resource, the internet, and started searching.  I became overwhelmed, excited, and even addicted in finding all the many ideas, activities, and games that you can print out for your children to help them with General Conference.  I started printing out different packets for everyone and realized just how much information I had!  So, I decided to make conference binders for my children.  Each child has a 3 ring binder and tabs to seperate the different activities and/or packets that I have printed out.  I’m going to let them choose which packets they would like to work on during general conference.  Then, (here’s the exciting part for me) I will keep their binders for future sacrament meetings.  I love being able to use these great ideas each Sunday and not just saving them for General Conference.  Here are links to a few of my favorite packets!  Enjoy!

*I love Sugardoodle!  She has oodles and oodles of ideas and links!

*I just stumbled across The Idea Door and was impressed with how much information they have!

*I really like this packet.  It’s all about President Monson!

Another Idea:  I came across General Conference Kit’s that you can put together for your visiting teachers.  Here are a couple of pictures on how they turned out.


I found everything in the dollar section of Target (gotta love that place!) and they are just darling.  The “kit” includes:  1 notepad, 1 pen, 1 bag of popcorn, 1 pack of Extra gum, 1 lotion and about 10 Lifesavers.

Visiting Teacher Conference Gift

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