Organize My Shopping List?

Don’t you just love to go grocery shopping?  If you’re like me, it’s more work than fun.  I spend time planning out my menu’s for a couple of weeks, write out my grocery list, sort through coupons, spend hours at the store and come home exhausted and yet I still have to put the groceries away!  Then, to my great surprise, my family devours anything and everything I’ve bought in a matter of moments.  Sound familiar to you?

Today I want to make one aspect of the whole “adventure” a little easier.  Organize your shopping list!  Does it sound too over the top?  I promise, you’ll love it!  Not only will it save you money, it will save you time as well!  I hate being at one end of the store (for me, it’s Wal-Mart) and realize I forgot something that’s all the way at the other end of the store!  Especially, when I have any of my 4 children along for the journey!  So, I organize my shopping list into sections.  For example;  I have a dairy section where all my dairy products are listed.  The same goes for canned goods, meat, produce, even gifts and toiletries.  This way, I make sure I stick to my list and not “impulse buy” and it saves me time at the store, so I’m not running back and forth from one end of the store to the other.

My Heart and Home has a great shopping list already done for you.

                Shopping List.pdf
Try it out!  I know you’re going to love having your shopping list organized!

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