Make each child feel special!

Spending time with your children one on one can be a challenge for any busy mom! One of my favorite things that I do with my family is My Daily Focus.Each member of my family has a day of the week that is just for them. On their “special day” I make sure that they get special treatment.I make their bed for them and do some of their chores (this is also a good way to keep their rooms in check!), sometimes I let them choose what they want for dinner (this is also a good time to have them help you cook so they are learning too), and I spend a few minutes before they go to bed reading to them and talking to them about school and what is happening in their life. It has been great to connect with each child one on one.Even my older kids love it when I read to them. When our schedule is crazy and doesn’t permit this time at night, I really miss it and so do they!I have been able to discover a lot about my children and how their little minds work just by spending a few minutes with them one on one.

There are several ways to make this happen in your family. You decide what works best for you.In the beginning we tried taking them somewhere to spend some time with them each week but that seemed a little overwhelming! Now we try to do this every now and then but not every week.Jason and I take turns spending time with them and the kids really enjoy their time with dad too!It may sound difficult to fit in to your schedule, but if you keep it simple, especially in the beginning, you will find it will become habit in no time. Your kids will love the time they have with you and they will love how special they feel on their day!

Don’t forget to plan a day for you and one for your hubby.

On my special day I get to sleep in – it’s fabulous! J

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