Save time and money…

….by planning your meals ahead of time.  I’m pregnant and not so “with it” lately!  I have let this habbit go and I am really struggling with the question  “What’s for dinner mom?”  How often do we all hear that question?  Do you always have an answer?  I do when I plan! 🙂

Take the time to plan a week or two in advance.  I like to plan 2-3 weeks at a time so I don’t have to go the grocery store as often! 🙂  Write out all of the meals you want to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We have created a Weekly Menu Planner Notepad that will make this a piece of cake!  Make sure you use the ads that come in the mail to help you plan.  Make a note of what is on sale and work that into your meals.  Use your coupons to save money as well.  And don’t forget the snacks!  They can be very important if you have little mouths that don’t eat a lot in one sitting but eat a little several times a day.

Do you have to eat what you planned for Monday on Monday night?  N0!  The point is to know what you have to make in your pantry.  If you have a crazy day and you have planned to eat a meal that takes a lot of prep time, you can change it to something much easier if you know what you have in your pantry.   Planning ahead of time takes the stress out of dinner time!  With a quick glance you can see exactly what  you are prepared to make.  As you fix the meals, cross them off your list so that you know what you have already made.

Eating dinner with your family is important.  It is an important time to bond and come together at the end of the day.  Make it stress free and easy by creating a plan.  With hectic schedules eating together can be tough but try to make it a priority at least a few nights a week.  You will NEVER regret spending more time with your family – I promise!

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