Step 1B – Final Home Analogy

The Final Home Analogy is a summary of the challenges, solutions, and successes that you are having in your home.  In the first section, make a list of the challenges that you noticed as you were going through your spaces, then it’s time to call in the troops!  Have your family help you come up with solutions for the challenges listed.  Remember to LISTEN to what they have to say . . . the solutions they come up with will probably surprise you!  End the meeting by talking about your successes in your home.  It’s always best to end on a good note.  Make it a positive meeting with TREATS to keep everyone sweet and most of all have FUN!  Your attitude will make all the difference!

 P.S.  In the video I mention that we are now on step 2.  I really meant to say that we are on the next section of Step 1!  Sorry about the mix-up!

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