"SIMPLE"-Y Food Storage!

So let’s just break this down . . . Food Storage IS real food.  You eat it everyday, I PROMISE!  There are basically 4 different areas of food storage.

First is Water.  That’s easy enough, right?  We all have it, now we just need to put it into some type of container for storage.

Second is your 72 Hour Food, which is found in your emergency kits.  This is where most of us stop, but not you!

You are already using food from the third area, your 3 Month Supply.  Is this shocking to you?  It shouldn’t be!  A three month supply of food is simply the food that you are eating right now.  It’s the food you put into your shopping cart every week.

The fourth area is Long – Term Food Storage.  This is the area that usually blows people away.  Hopefully, we can change your mind! In fact, I would guess that you are already using some of your long-term food storage items and you just don’t realize it.  Some examples include: flour, sugar, rice, and pasta, to name a few.  In future posts, we will help you set up a system that is unique for your family menus.  Starting with water, we will take you through each of the four areas.  Before you know it, you will not only be shopping from your own food storage, but you will be saving time and money as well.

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