Green Meals for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays when it comes to food.  Sure, Thanksgiving is great with the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and the pies, and Christmas is wonderful with all the chocolate, sweets, and ham, but you can’t beat having a whole day where you eat nothing but GREEN FOOD!  Over the years I have found a lot of ways to make even the toughest colored foods turn green.  It’s always enjoyable to see my children and their reaction when I present the next St. Patrick’s Day Menu.  They have come to love the day as much as me, I think.  So grab your paper and pencil, add green food coloring to your shopping list, and enjoy a few tips to make your day a little more exciting and fun.

Breakfast: Cereal is always a child’s favorite choice in the morning.  Lucky Charms is good to have but green Lucky Charms is better.  Add a few drops of green to the milk, the cereal will absorb the color and turn the whole cereal green.  This will work with any kind you choose, except for chocolate flavored.  Pancakes are great to color, as well as eggs, french toast, cream cheese, milk, orange juice, yogurt, oatmeal, any kind of fruit, butter, bacon (although it doesn’t look so great), and even syrup.  (Watch our blog for the recipe to make your own lime green syrup.)  The fruit is a little trickier to do.  For this, use a small clean, sterile, spray bottle with a little water and lots of green food drops.  Have the fruit on wax paper and spray the water mixture on the fruit.  This is best to do ahead of time so they don’t see it.

Lunch: A great idea to do a day ahead of time or even that morning is to make homemade bread.  By adding a few drops of green to your mix before you add the flour, it will turn your whole loaf green.  Imagine the surprise of your family as you cut into the loaf and inside is a neon green bread instead!  For quite a number of years I never realized that you could turn peanut butter green.  But with enough green food coloring it turns a nice army color.  (See the picture below.)  Making a little macaroni and cheese for lunch?  Add some color to the water you cook the macaroni in for a total transformation.  If you want just a hint, add the food coloring to the milk before you add it to the mixture.  Not as dramatic, but still a favorite.  Ramen noodles work the same way as well as all noodles you cook.

Dinner: This is my personal favorite because my husband gets to participate is the wonderful fun filled day.  I like to make something that really turns everyone’s heads.  Green ham is always a gross but yummy meat to have.  Have some green mashed potatoes, green corn, homemade green rolls or bread, with some lime green drink and your dinner is complete.  You can boil chicken to shred and add green to the water so the chicken absorbs the color.  Use this in fajitas, casseroles, soups, or top off a green salad with your chicken.  Anything that uses a liquid to cook it can be altered with food coloring.  A very sneaky, but really great idea is to make Chicken Cordon Green (bleu).  You can add a little excitement to your meal by adding green drops directly to the side of the chicken that you can’t see, when the chicken is rolled up.  This gives the chicken the appearance of having been left it’s natural color, until they cut into it, of course!  Let your imagination do the walking and you can come up with some one of a kind meals to make this a day to remember.

Watch for a post this weekend to read about some great ideas for those sneaky leprechauns that like to pull tricks on your children.

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  1. My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

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