4 Week Menu Planner

Don’t you hate the question, “What’s for Dinner?”  Or how about this scenario, you go to the grocery store, buy a bunch of food, get home and wonder what you have to make for dinner?  We’ve all been there before and that’s why we are excited to let you know we have the solution!

The 4 week menu planner has 31 days of dinner menus already planned for you!  The shopping lists are ready to use right away!  A staples list of items to have on hand, takes just a quick glance before you head to the store!  Plus, it comes with our amazing Menu Item Cards.  What is a Menu Item Card?   It’s about the size of a business card and it lists the items that you have for one meal.  Laminate the card, attach a magnet and place it on your fridge.  Everyone, including you,  can see exactly what you have for dinner during the week.  Once you’ve made your yummy meal, take the card off the fridge and store it for the next time you make it for dinner.  I love being able to see ahead of time what I am making.  The headache and stress of trying to plan “what’s for dinner”, at the last minute, is gone.  It not only saves me time in making dinner, but it saves me time and money at the grocery store.

Are the recipes any good?  Of course!  We’ve included tried and true basic recipes that every family will enjoy.  You can spice them up as much or as little as you would like.  We’ve also given you hints for when a recipe is perfect as a freezer meal.  We love our 4 Week Menu Planner and have no doubt that you’ll love it too!

Want to use your own family favorite recipes?  Check out our Blank Menu Item Additions.  This packet comes with 60 blank menu item cards and 60 blank recipe cards.  Use our template and type in your own personal family favorites.  Once you’ve filled in the template, print them out on your own printer.  Then, add them to your new and personalized 4 Week Menu Planner!  

Best of all, our 4 Week Menu Planner is on sale this month!  Don’t miss this great chance to organize your family meals!

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