Let’s talk Food Storage!

It’s time to talk food storage!  Most of us look at this topic and it seems very overwhelming (almost too overwhelming to want to begin) but it doesn’t have to be.  Start with a 3 month’s supply and go from there.  If you don’t have any food storage at all, start with our challenge this month and begin to gradually build it.  Even if you have been working on your food storage, you may still want to take our challenge this month to make sure that you are storing what you need.  For me, one of the toughest things to figure out is what to store.  I want to be sure that my family will eat what I am storing and that I actually have what I need to make meals with it.  For example, my family isn’t really big on beans so instead of storing a ton of beans, I need to store more canned meat, peanut butter, etc. that will give them protein.  This month’s challenge should help you get a feel for what you want to store.


This month’s food storage challenge:  Since it is best to store what you will actually eat, write down what you eat on daily basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner this month.  Use our 3 month supply Menu Planner and Shopping List to help you organize it.   Once you have written down what you eat, make a grocery list from what you have written. 


As you make your list, you will notice that there may be quite a few things that are perishable and can’t be stored.  This is where you need to get creative.  For example, did you use a lot of bread?  If so, make sure that you store what you need to make bread (i.e., flour, yeast, sugar, salt, etc.).  Also make sure that you store canned eggs, powdered milk, spices, and even canned butter if you used a lot of butter.  Now that you have a list of groceries, you can begin gradually building your supply. You will be able to see how many canned vegetables you used in a month (remember to replace fresh with canned for your storage), how much fruit you prepared, what kind of canned meat you need to store and so on.  If you times your list by 3, you will have a 3 month’s supply in no time!  


Once you have your grocery list prepared, begin to spread it out over shopping trips or check your local grocery stores for their sales.  Macys is having a fabulous sale right now.  It is a great time to pick up your canned veggies, fruit, and sauces.  They even have powdered milk, powdered eggs and powdered butter.  It may be impossible for you to buy it all it once but even if you get it a few cans at a time, at least you are making progress! J   

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