I grew up in a home filled with traditions!  Some were of a spiritual nature, while others were so much fun, that we all needed to remember to  bring our “depends”!  My husband grew up in the same type of home.  Our mother’s are wise women and even though we had no idea of the impact these simple traditions would have on our families, they did!  Traditions are truly the glue that holds families together.  We were bonded through traditions as siblings growing up, and are now bonded as an extended family.  Each of us have added new traditions to our own families.  As time goes on, new traditions are being created along the way.

I put together a book called, “Our Family Traditions”.  I had so much fun trying to find out who started a tradition and when it began.  I included pictures and stories from grandparents, parents, siblings and comments from my own family.  It is still a work in progress, but as each new page is added, I am reminded of just how blessed I really am!

As a company, we are always sharing with each other the traditions that we are doing in our homes and thought it would be fun to see what you are doing in your homes.  I hope you take a minute to think about some of the traditions you have in your own homes.  They may be as simple as a story and a prayer before bed, but the impact you make will last for generations!

I’ve included a slide show of some of our favorite family traditions.  There are pictures from our monthly “Girl’s Day” and our family retreats which include:  Survivor, Fear Factor, and the Apprentice.  (These traditions are a great way to get teenagers to hang with the fam for just a minute . . . they actually think it’s pretty cool!).

One of my favorite traditions has always been the Adult Easter Egg Hunt.  My parents knew that as we were starting out with our new marriages and young families that money would be tight, so they came up with this fun Easter tradition.  They hide eggs as usual for the little kids, pictures are taken, kids are smiling, everyone is enjoying the moment, and then . . . everyone gets serious!  The prize egg is worth $50.00!  Even the shy ones get competitive.  Four-wheelers are reved up, instructions are given, and parents who haven’t worked out in months, run for their lives!  (Another time that those “depends” are a great idea!)  The winner helps to organize the next year’s egg hunt.  We have been known to send a few bribes to the siblings in charge of the hunt, in hopes of getting an early “clue”.

We are part of a great family and the glue that holds this family together is permanent!

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