Families in the Scriptures: An idea for FHE!

During the month of February, in primary your children learned about how they came to earth as part of a family. I put a Family Home Evening together to go along with that theme. This lesson talks about families in the scriptures and what we can learn from them. It is important for children, even small children, to know that the scriptures were written a long time ago but they still apply to us today. I used resources from a couple of different places including LDS.org and Sugardoodle.net (which is a great website if you have never been on it!) and created a lesson for both younger and older children. The lesson for younger children can be adapted to be as long or as short as you would like. I know the attention span isn’t always that long with little ones! Sometimes I’m grateful if we just get through the opening song and the prayer! 🙂 I hope that your kids have as much fun as mine did playing Scripture Jepordy and learning about Families in the Scriptures. Just click on one of the links to download and print it, and you’re good to go!

I can’t resist passing on another great resource that I came across for Family Home Evening. There is a fabulous website, www.sugardoodle.net, that has Family Home Evening lessons for a year already planned out for you. The lessons follow the theme in primary this year and they are really easy to put together! Because they follow the primary theme, they are geared a little more toward younger children but could be adapted for older children as well. There is no coloring, cutting or craftiness involved – just great lessons that are easy to prepare and that build testimonies. Sometimes half the battle is coming up with the idea. The other half seems to be getting everyone to pay attention! 🙂 Hopefully this will give you a good place to start.

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