Be Prepared This Year Without Getting Overwhelmed!

“In this world you’ve just got to hope for the best and prepare for the worst and take whatever God sends.”  Lucy Maud Montgomery

The quote above is from one of my favorite books, “Anne of Green Gables“.     We all hope for the best but we should be prepared for anything.   You never know what may be in your future.   For the most part, we all have good intentions when it comes to food storage and emergency preparedness.  There have been several major natural disasters around the world and even on American soil, that have brought more attention to this area in recent years.  I have read several articles with great tips on preparedness over the past few years.  However, because I don’t have a lot of spare time (4 small children and 1 on the way will do that to you!) it seems so overwhelming.  I have yet to accomplish much in this area.  This is why I’m so excited to introduce this new topic to you!  We want to help you organize your food storage and your vital documents this year.

In order to tackle this BIG job, we have broken it up so that you are taking it one small job at a time.  Each month we will give you a “challenge” in food storage and a “challenge” in gathering your vital records.  By the end of the year, if you have followed our plan, you should be prepared for almost any emergency that comes your way!  We know that being a mom doesn’t allow for a lot of extra time, so we’re making it easy for you.

Vital Records Challenge #1: Begin your vital records folder by gathering all of your Emergency Contact information.  This includes emergency numbers such as the police, the fire department, poison control, doctor’s numbers, etc. as well as family contacts and out of state contacts.  On our Emergency Contact Information, we have compiled a list of phone numbers for you to gather.

Each month we will be posting a new challenge in each area.  Hopefully, by taking it one step at a time, you will find that it isn’t as overwhelming as it seems.  Your food storage will begin to build and you will have all of your important information in one place, without too much effort on your part!   Look for our food storage challenge next week!

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  1. You gals are all such geniuses and I am so loving that you have a blog now! Wahooo! Thanks for sharing the love.


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